Library CoLoR.DP.ADPUnif

CoLoR, a Coq library on rewriting and termination. See the COPYRIGHTS and LICENSE files.
  • Frederic Blanqui, 2008-10-08
over graph based on unification

Set Implicit Arguments.

Require Import ADecomp.
Require Import AUnif.
Require Import ARenCap.
Require Import ATrs.
Require Import ListUtil.
Require Import RelUtil.
Require Import AGraph.
Require Import LogicUtil.
Require Import ARename.
Require Import ACalls.
Require Import BoolUtil.
Require Import Compare_dec.
Require Import ADuplicateSymb.

Section S.

Variable N : nat.
over graph based on unification

Section unif.

Variable Sig : Signature.

Notation rule := (rule Sig). Notation rules := (rules Sig).

Variables R D : rules.

Definition connectable u v := unifiable (ren_cap R (S (maxvar v)) u) v.

Definition dpg_unif (r1 r2 : rule) :=
  In r1 D In r2 D connectable (rhs r1) (lhs r2).

Variable hypR : forallb (@is_notvar_lhs Sig) R = true.

Lemma dpg_unif_correct : hd_rules_graph (red R #) D << dpg_unif.

intros x y h. destruct h. decomp H0. unfold dpg_unif. intuition.
destruct x as [l1 r1]. destruct y as [l2 r2]. simpl in ×.
unfold connectable. set (k := S (maxvar l2)).
destruct (rtc_red_sub_ren_cap hypR k H2). destruct (ren_cap_sub R x1 r1 k).
destruct H3. gen H0. rewrite H3. unfold shift. repeat rewrite sub_sub. intro.
assert ( x, In x (vars (ren_cap R k r1)) → In x (vars l2) → False).
intros. ded (vars_ren_cap H5). ded (vars_max H6). subst k. omega.
unfold unifiable. eapply sub_eq_is_sol. hyp. symmetry in H0. apply H0.

over graph using a finite number of unification steps

Definition ren_cap (r1 r2 : rule) := ren_cap R (S (maxvar (lhs r2))) (rhs r1).

Definition unifiable_N r1 r2 :=
  iter_step N (mk_problem (ren_cap r1 r2) (lhs r2)).

Require Import AHDE.

Definition connectable_N r1 r2 :=
  match unifiable_N r1 r2 with
  | Nonefalse
  | Some (_, nil)true
  | _hd_eq (rhs r1) (lhs r2)

Notation Inb := (Inb (@eq_rule_dec Sig)).

Definition dpg_unif_N r1 r2 := Inb r1 D && Inb r2 D && connectable_N r1 r2.

Variable hypD : forallb (undefined_rhs R) D = true.

Lemma successfull_hd_eq : x r1 r2, In r1 DIn r2 D
  successfull (iter_step x (mk_problem (ren_cap r1 r2) (lhs r2))) = true
  hd_eq (rhs r1) (lhs r2) = true.

intros x r1 r2 h1 h2 H. set (p := mk_problem (ren_cap r1 r2) (lhs r2)) in H.
assert (problem_wf p). apply wf_mk_problem. destruct (successfull_is_sol H0 H).
gen H1. unfold p, mk_problem, ren_cap. simpl. intuition. gen H1.
rewrite forallb_forall in hypD. ded (hypD _ h1). ded (hypD _ h2).
destruct r1 as [l1 r1]. destruct r2 as [l2 r2]. simpl. destruct r1. refl.
destruct l2. refl. set (k := S (maxvar (Fun f0 t0))). rewrite ren_cap_fun.
gen H1. unfold undefined_rhs, undefined. simpl. rewrite negb_lr. simpl. intro.
rewrite H1. unfold is_sol_eqn. unfold fst, snd. repeat rewrite sub_fun.
intro. Funeqtac. try rewrite H6.
destruct (eq_symbol_dec _ _). refl. irrefl.

Lemma dpg_unif_N_correct : hd_rules_graph (red R #) D << Graph dpg_unif_N.

trans dpg_unif. apply dpg_unif_correct. intros r1 r2 h. destruct h.
destruct H0. unfold Graph, dpg_unif_N.
apply andb_intro. apply andb_intro; apply Inb_intro; hyp.
destruct (iter_step_complete (wf_mk_problem (ren_cap r1 r2) (lhs r2)) H1).
unfold connectable_N, unifiable_N. case (lt_eq_lt_dec x N); intro. destruct s.
ded (successfull_preserved H2 l). destruct (successfull_elim H3). rewrite H4.
refl. subst. destruct (successfull_elim H2). rewrite H3. refl.
ded (successfull_inv H2 l).
destruct (iter_step N (mk_problem (ren_cap r1 r2) (lhs r2))). 2: irrefl.
destruct p. destruct e. refl. eapply successfull_hd_eq. hyp. hyp. apply H2.

End unif.

with marked symbols

Section mark.

Variable Sig : Signature.

Notation Sig' := (dup_sig Sig).

Lemma undefined_hd_symb_dup_int_rules : f R,
  @defined Sig' (hd_symb Sig f) (dup_int_rules R) = false.

induction R; intros. refl. simpl dup_int_rules. destruct a as [l r].
destruct l; hyp.

Variables R D : rules Sig.

Notation R' := (dup_int_rules R). Notation D' := (dup_hd_rules D).

Variable hypR : forallb (@is_notvar_lhs Sig') R' = true.
Variable hypD : forallb (@is_notvar_rhs Sig') D' = true.

Lemma dpg_unif_N_mark_correct :
  hd_rules_graph (red R' #) D' << Graph (dpg_unif_N R' D').

apply dpg_unif_N_correct. hyp. rewrite forallb_forall. intros.
unfold undefined_rhs. destruct (in_map_elim H). destruct H0. subst.
destruct x0 as [l r]. simpl. unfold undefined. destruct r.
rewrite forallb_forall in hypD. ded (hypD _ H). discr. simpl.
rewrite negb_lr. apply undefined_hd_symb_dup_int_rules.

End mark.

End S.


Ltac dpg_unif_N_correct :=
  (apply dpg_unif_N_mark_correct || apply dpg_unif_N_correct);
  vm_compute; refl.