Library CoLoR.PolyInt.APolyInt

CoLoR, a Coq library on rewriting and termination. See the COPYRIGHTS and LICENSE files.
  • Frederic Blanqui, 2004-12-13
  • Sebastien Hinderer, 2004-04-20
  • Adam Koprowski, 2007-04-26, added support for modular removal of rules 2008-05-27, added support for weakly monotone polynomials
proof of the termination criterion based on polynomial interpretations

Set Implicit Arguments.

Section S.

Require Import ATerm.
Require Import ABterm.
Require Import List.
Require Import ListForall.
Require Import VecUtil.
Require Import PositivePolynom.
Require Import AInterpretation.
Require Import ZUtil.
Require Import NaryFunction.
Require Import ARelation.
Require Import RelUtil.
Require Import LogicUtil.
Require Import SN.

Variable Sig : Signature.

Notation bterm := (bterm Sig).

polynomial associated to a bterm

Section poly_of_bterm.

Require Import Polynom.

Variable fpoly : f : Sig, poly (arity f).

Fixpoint termpoly k (t : bterm k) {struct t} : poly (S k) :=
  match t with
    | BVar x H
      ((1)%Z, mxi (gt_le_S (le_lt_n_Sm H))) :: nil
    | BFun f v
      let fix tmp n0 (v : Vector.t (bterm k) n0) {struct v}
        : Vector.t (poly (S k)) n0 :=
        match v in Vector.t _ n0 return Vector.t (poly (S k)) n0 with
          | Vector.nilVector.nil
          | Vector.cons t' n' v'Vector.cons (termpoly t') (tmp n' v')
      in pcomp (fpoly f) (tmp (arity f) v)

Lemma termpoly_eq :
   (k : nat) (f : Sig) (ts : Vector.t (bterm k) (arity f)),
  termpoly (BFun f ts) = pcomp (fpoly f) (Vmap (@termpoly k) ts).

intros. simpl termpoly at 1.
apply (f_equal (@pcomp (arity f) (fpoly f) (S k))). elim ts.
auto. intros t' n' ts' Hrec. rewrite Hrec. auto.

End poly_of_bterm.

polynomial interpretation

Require Import MonotonePolynom.

Definition PolyInterpretation := f : Sig, poly (arity f).

Definition PolyWeakMonotone (pi : PolyInterpretation) :=
   f : Sig, pweak_monotone (pi f).
Definition PolyStrongMonotone (pi : PolyInterpretation) :=
   f : Sig, pstrong_monotone (pi f).

Variable PI : PolyInterpretation.

Variable PI_WM : PolyWeakMonotone PI.
Variable PI_SM : PolyStrongMonotone PI.

coefficients are positive

Section coef_pos.

Let P := fun (k : nat) (t : bterm k) ⇒ coef_pos (termpoly PI t).
Let Q := fun (k n : nat) (ts : Vector.t (bterm k) n) ⇒ Vforall (@P k) ts.

Lemma bterm_poly_pos : (k : nat) (t : bterm k), P t.

intros k t. apply (bterm_ind (@P k) (@Q k)).
 intros v Hv. unfold P. simpl. intuition.
 unfold Q. intros f ts H. unfold P. rewrite termpoly_eq.
 apply coef_pos_pcomp.
  apply (PI_WM f).
  unfold P in H. apply Vforall_map_intro. auto.
 unfold Q. simpl. trivial.
 intros t' n' s' H1. unfold Q. intro H2. simpl. split; assumption.

End coef_pos.

interpretation in D

Definition Int_of_PI :=
  mkInterpretation D0 (fun fpeval_D (PI_WM f)).

Let W := Int_of_PI.


Require Import AWFMInterpretation.

Lemma pi_monotone : monotone W Dgt.

intro f. unfold Dgt. apply Vmonotone_transp.
apply (pmonotone_imp_monotone_peval_Dlt (PI_SM f)).

Lemma pi_monotone_eq : monotone W Dge.

intro f. unfold Dge. apply Vmonotone_transp.
apply (coef_pos_monotone_peval_Dle (PI_WM f)).

reduction ordering

Let succ := IR W Dgt.

Lemma pi_red_ord : reduction_ordering succ.

unfold succ. apply IR_reduction_ordering. apply pi_monotone. apply WF_Dgt.

reduction pair

Let succ_eq := IR W Dge.

Lemma pi_absorb : absorb succ succ_eq.

unfold absorb, inclusion. intros. do 2 destruct H.
unfold succ_eq, succ, IR, Dge, Dgt, transp, Dle, Dlt in ×. intro.
eapply Zlt_le_trans. apply H0. apply H.

Definition rp := @mkReduction_pair Sig
  (@IR_substitution_closed _ W Dgt)
  (@IR_substitution_closed _ W Dge)
  (@IR_context_closed _ _ _ pi_monotone)
  (@IR_context_closed _ _ _ pi_monotone_eq)
  (@IR_WF _ W _ WF_Dgt).

equivalence between (xint) and (vec_of_val xint)

Let f1 (xint : valuation W) k (t : bterm k) := proj1_sig (bterm_int xint t).

Let f2 (xint : valuation W) k (t : bterm k) :=
  proj1_sig (peval_D (bterm_poly_pos t) (vec_of_val xint (S k))).

Let P (xint : valuation W) k (t : bterm k) := f1 xint t = f2 xint t.

Let Q (xint : valuation W) k n (ts : Vector.t (bterm k) n) :=
  Vforall (@P xint k) ts.

Lemma termpoly_v_eq_1 : x k (H : (xk)%nat),
  termpoly PI (BVar H) =
  (1%Z, mxi (gt_le_S (le_lt_n_Sm H))) :: pzero (S k).

intros. simpl. refl.

Lemma termpoly_v_eq_2 :
   x k (H : (xk)%nat) (v : Vector.t Z (S k)),
  peval (termpoly PI (BVar H)) v =
  meval (mxi (gt_le_S (le_lt_n_Sm H))) v.

intros x k H v. rewrite termpoly_v_eq_1. unfold pzero. unfold peval at 1.

Lemma PI_bterm_int_eq : xint k (t : bterm k), P xint t.

 intros xint k t. apply (bterm_ind (@P xint k) (@Q xint k)).
 intros v Hv. unfold P, f1, f2. simpl bterm_int.
 rewrite val_peval_D.
 rewrite termpoly_v_eq_2.
 rewrite meval_xi. rewrite Vnth_map.
 pattern (xint v) at 1.
 rewrite <- (vec_of_val_eq xint (gt_le_S (le_lt_n_Sm Hv))).

 intros f ts. unfold Q. intro H. unfold P, f1, f2.
 rewrite bterm_int_fun. rewrite val_peval_D.
 rewrite termpoly_eq.

 unfold P in H.
 generalize (Vmap_eq H). intro H'.
 unfold bterms_int.
 rewrite peval_comp.
 simpl (fint W f). rewrite val_peval_D.
 apply (f_equal (peval (PI f))).
 rewrite Vmap_map. rewrite Vmap_map.
 unfold f1 in H'. unfold f2 in H'. assumption.

 unfold Q, P. simpl. trivial.

 intros t' n' ts' H1 H2. unfold Q. simpl.

Lemma PI_term_int_eq : (xint : valuation W) t k
  (H : (maxvar t k)%nat),
  proj1_sig (term_int xint t)
  = proj1_sig (peval_D (bterm_poly_pos (inject_term H))
    (vec_of_val xint (S k))).

intros xint t k H. rewrite <- (term_int_eq_bterm_int xint H).
generalize (PI_bterm_int_eq xint (inject_term H)). intuition.

Implicit Arguments PI_term_int_eq [t k].

polynomial associated to a rule

Require Import ATrs.
Require Import Max.

Definition rulePoly_ge r :=
  let mvl := maxvar (lhs r) in
  let mvr := maxvar (rhs r) in
  let m := max mvl mvr in
    pplus (termpoly PI (inject_term (le_max_l mvl mvr)))
      (popp (termpoly PI (inject_term (le_max_r mvl mvr)))).

Definition rulePoly_gt r :=
  let mvl := maxvar (lhs r) in
  let mvr := maxvar (rhs r) in
  let m := max mvl mvr in
    pplus (rulePoly_ge r) (popp (pconst (S m) 1)).


Require Import ZUtil.

Lemma pi_compat_rule : r, coef_pos (rulePoly_gt r) →
  succ (lhs r) (rhs r).

intros r H_coef_pos. unfold succ, IR. intro xint. unfold Dgt, Dlt, transp.
set (mvl := maxvar (lhs r)). set (mvr := maxvar (rhs r)).
rewrite (PI_term_int_eq xint (le_max_l mvl mvr)).
rewrite (PI_term_int_eq xint (le_max_r mvl mvr)). do 2 rewrite val_peval_D.
pose (v := (Vmap (proj1_sig (P:=pos)) (vec_of_val xint (S (max mvl mvr))))).
apply pos_lt. rewrite <- (peval_const (1)%Z v). do 2 rewrite <- peval_minus.
unfold v. apply pos_peval. exact H_coef_pos.

Lemma pi_compat_rule_weak : r, coef_pos (rulePoly_ge r) →
  succ_eq (lhs r) (rhs r).

intros r H_coef_pos. unfold succ_eq, IR. intro xint. unfold Dge, Dle, transp.
set (mvl := maxvar (lhs r)). set (mvr := maxvar (rhs r)).
rewrite (PI_term_int_eq xint (le_max_l mvl mvr)).
rewrite (PI_term_int_eq xint (le_max_r mvl mvr)).
do 2 rewrite val_peval_D. apply pos_le. rewrite <- peval_minus.
apply pos_peval. exact H_coef_pos.

Require Import ACompat.

Lemma pi_compat : R,
  lforall (fun rcoef_pos (rulePoly_gt r)) Rcompat succ R.

unfold compat. intros. set (rho := mkRule l r).
change (succ (lhs rho) (rhs rho)). apply pi_compat_rule.
apply (lforall_in H H0).


Require Import AMannaNess.

Lemma polyInterpretationTermination : R,
  lforall (fun rcoef_pos (rulePoly_gt r)) RWF (red R).

intros R H. apply manna_ness with (succ := succ). apply pi_red_ord.
apply pi_compat. exact H.

End S.


Ltac poly_int PI := solve
  [match goal with
    |- WF (red ?R) ⇒
      apply (polyInterpretationTermination PI R);
        vm_compute; intuition; discriminate
  end] || fail "invalid polynomial interpretation".