First Coq Coding Sprint, June 22-25 2015 Sophia-Antipolis

This page collects useful infos for the participants to the first Coq Coding Sprint

What is a Coding Sprint?

A coding sprint is an event that brings together the core developers of Coq and people willing to understand, improve or extend the system.


The coding sprint will take place at the Inria Center in Sophia-Antipolis (how to reach the Inria center, accommodation infos).


Tentative schedule, Slides for the introduction

Do log what you did/learnt/implemented!

Write it here.


For organization purposes we require the participants to register (free of charge) by following these two steps:

  1. subscribe to the coordination mailing list

  2. post a message with subject REGISTER. In case you already have an project in mind, please include a short description of it in the registration email.

The mailing list is also the preferred channel to contact the organizers. Subscription is required in order to post.

Beach on Wednesday 24

Meeting point 17:00 in front of Inria or 18:00 at the beach.


Meeting point 20:00 if you want to join the group for dinner.

Quick list of dinner options

(pick what you prefer and build your dinner group around you)

List of participants

  1. Yves Bertot
  2. Pierre Boutillier
  3. Maxime Dénès
  4. Hugo Herbelin
  5. Matthieu Sozeau
  6. Enrico Tassi
  7. Bruno Barras
  8. Benjamin Gregoire
  9. Pierre Letouzey
  10. Jaap Boender
  11. Arthur Charguéraud
  12. Nicolas Magaud
  13. Gabriel Scherer
  14. Jason Gross
  15. Assia Mahboubi
  16. Arnaud Spiwack
  17. Pierre-Marie Pédrot
  18. Laurence Rideau
  19. Jacques-Henri Jourdan
  20. Reynald Affeldt
  21. Guilhem Jaber
  22. Jasmin Blanchette
  23. Cyril Cohen
  24. Nico Lehmann
  25. Emilio J. Gallego Arias
  26. Thomas Sibut-Pinote
  27. Amin Timany
  28. Thibault Gauthier
  29. Théo Zimmermann (+)
  30. Lionel Rieg (+)
  31. Cyprien Mangin (+)
  32. Abhishek Anand (+)
  33. Matej Kosik (+)
  34. Anders Mörtberg (+)
  35. Alexander Faithfull (+)
  36. Jesper Bengtson (+)
  37. Guillaume Cano (+)
  38. Frederic Chyzak
  39. Qingguo Xu

(+) Late subscription (tradition says you pay a round at the pub...)

Bug squashing

A list of relatively simple bugs, to kill the time ;-)

Also, bug triaging is very welcome (check if a bug is still valid, add extra info, close solved bugs...).

"Little" projects

Brainstorming ("harder" projects, to be considered carefully)

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