Third Coq Implementors Workshop, June 12 - June 16, 2017, Le Croisic

This page collects useful infos for the participants to the third Coq Implementors Workshop.

The Coq Implementors Workshop is an event that brings together the core developers of Coq and people willing to understand, improve or extend the system.


The Implementors Workshop takes place at Port aux Rocs in Le Croisic (

More details can also be found here.

Going from Nantes to Le Croisic takes 1h20 by train. There are also direct train from Paris (3h20).

To go from Le Croisic railway station to Port aux Rocs, you can take Bus 30 (schedule).


Tentative schedule

Talks by devs:

PRs to discusss:

Do log what you did/learnt/implemented!

Write it here.


To register, please fill in the following form.

The registration is 561€ (single bed room) or 443€ (twin bed room).

Registration comprises (per person):

Registration deadline: May 10.

The registered participants will receive a notification of their registration by e-mail. Participants who are unable to attend the workshop should send an e-mail to the organizers as soon as possible and contact the hotel directly.

Methods of payment

By credit card, on site.

By cheque addressed to: Domaine de Port-aux-Rocs and sent to: Domaine de Port-aux-Rocs A l'attention de Madame Laetitia Gillet 44 avenue de Port Val 44490 Le Croisic

By "bon de commande" (organismes publics français uniquement) addressed to the address above. If you need a quote or more information about your payment, please send an e-mail to Port-aux-Rocs

IMPORTANT: For payments by cheque or bon de commande, please indicate the reference « 53163-35753 » on your payment.

If you need funding to attend the workshop, please contact the organizers to see what is possible.


The coordination mailing list is the preferred channel to contact the organizers.

If you need additional funding, please contact the organizers.

List of participants

(+) Late subscription (tradition says you pay a round at the pub...)

Suggestions by New Participants

I [EJGA] performed an informal poll asking new participants what they thought of the IW and how we could improve for next year. The conclusion was that it would be good to have ready a concrete set of projects for people new to Coq and to hold a small session where each new participant gets to pick a project and a mentor. They told me they had the hardest time figuring out what to do. Other than that their experience was very positive.

Proposed Projects and Ideas

Topics of interest

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