Module CDebug

type flag
type t = (unit -> Pp.t) -> unit
val create : name:string -> unit -> t

Creates a debug component, which may be used to print debug messages.

A debug component is named by the string name. It is either active or inactive.

The special component "all" may be used to control all components.

There is also a special component "backtrace" to control backtrace recording.

val create_full : name:string -> unit -> flag * t

Useful when interacting with a component from code, typically when doing something more complicated than printing.

Note that the printer function prints some metadata compared to fun pp -> if get_flag flag then Feedback.msg_debug (pp ())

val get_flag : flag -> bool
val set_flag : flag -> bool -> unit
val get_flags : unit -> string

get_flags and set_flags use the user syntax: a comma separated list of activated "component" and "-component"s. get_flags starts with "all" or "-all" and lists all components after it (even if redundant).

val set_flags : string -> unit

Components not mentioned are not affected (use the "all" component at the start if you want to reset everything).

val set_debug_all : bool -> unit
val misc : flag
val pp_misc : t