Module ComAssumption


Declaration of a local assumption (Variable/Hypothesis)

val declare_local : coe:Vernacexpr.coercion_flag -> try_assum_as_instance:bool -> kind:Decls.logical_kind -> univs:UState.named_universes_entry -> impargs:Impargs.manual_implicits -> impl:Glob_term.binding_kind -> name:Names.variable -> Constr.constr option -> Constr.types -> Names.GlobRef.t * UVars.Instance.t

Declaration of a local construction (Variable/Hypothesis/Let)

Declaration of a global assumption (Axiom/Parameter)

Declaration of a global construction (Axiom/Parameter/Definition)

val do_assumptions : program_mode:bool -> poly:bool -> scope:Locality.definition_scope -> kind:Decls.assumption_object_kind -> ?user_warns:Globnames.extended_global_reference UserWarn.with_qf -> inline:Declaremods.inline -> (Constrexpr.ident_decl list * Constrexpr.constr_expr) Vernacexpr.with_coercion list -> unit

Interpret the commands Variable/Hypothesis/Axiom/Parameter

val do_context : program_mode:bool -> poly:bool -> Constrexpr.local_binder_expr list -> unit

Interpret the command Context

Interpret a declaration of the form binders |- typ as a type

The first half of the context command, returning the declarations in the same order as Context, using de Bruijn indices (used by Elpi)