Module Conv_oracle

type evaluable =
| EvalVarRef of Names.Id.t
| EvalConstRef of Names.Constant.t
| EvalProjectionRef of Names.Projection.Repr.t

Evaluable references (whose transparency can be controlled).

type oracle
val empty : oracle
val oracle_order : oracle -> bool -> evaluable option -> evaluable option -> bool

Order on section paths for unfolding. If oracle_order kn1 kn2 is true, then unfold kn1 first. Note: the oracle does not introduce incompleteness, it only tries to postpone unfolding of "opaque" constants.

type level =
| Expand
| Level of int
| Opaque

Priority for the expansion of constant in the conversion test. * Higher levels means that the expansion is less prioritary. * (And Expand stands for -oo, and Opaque +oo.) * The default value (transparent constants) is Level 0.

val pr_level : level -> Pp.t
val transparent : level
val is_transparent : level -> bool

Check whether a level is transparent

val get_strategy : oracle -> evaluable -> level
val set_strategy : oracle -> evaluable -> level -> oracle

Sets the level of a constant. * Level of RelKey constant cannot be set.

val fold_strategy : (evaluable -> level -> 'a -> 'a) -> oracle -> 'a -> 'a

Fold over the non-transparent levels of the oracle. Order unspecified.

val get_transp_state : oracle -> TransparentState.t