Module Cooking

Data needed to abstract over the section variables and section universes

The instantiation to apply to generalized declarations so that they behave as if not generalized: this is the instance to apply to a declaration c in the following transformation:, C:U( ⊢ v(,C):V(,C) ~~> C:Πx1..xn.U(x1..xn), ⊢ v(,, note that the data looks close to the one for substitution above (because the substitution are represented by their domain) but here, local definitions of the context have been dropped

type abstr_inst_info
type 'a entry_map = 'a Names.Cmap.t * 'a Names.Mindmap.t
type expand_info = abstr_inst_info entry_map

The collection of instantiations to be done on generalized declarations + the generalization to be done on a specific judgment: a1:T1,a2:T2,C:U(a1) ⊢ v(a1,a2,C):V(a1,a2,C) ~~> c:Πx.U(x) ⊢ λx1x2.(v(a1,a2,cx1)[a1,a2:=x1,x2]):Πx1x2.(V(a1,a2,ca1)[a1,a2:=x1,x2]) so, a cooking_info is the map c ↦ x1..xn, the context x:T,y:U to generalize, and the substitution x,y

type cooking_info
val empty_cooking_info : cooking_info

Nothing to abstract

val make_cooking_info : recursive:Names.MutInd.t option -> expand_info -> Constr.named_context -> UVars.UContext.t -> cooking_info * abstr_inst_info

Abstract a context assumed to be de-Bruijn free for terms and universes

val names_info : cooking_info -> Names.Id.Set.t
val universe_context_of_cooking_info : cooking_info -> UVars.AbstractContext.t
val instance_of_cooking_info : cooking_info -> Constr.t array
type cooking_cache
val create_cache : cooking_info -> cooking_cache
val instance_of_cooking_cache : cooking_cache -> Constr.t array
val rel_context_of_cooking_cache : cooking_cache -> Constr.rel_context
val abstract_as_type : cooking_cache -> Constr.types -> Constr.types
val abstract_as_body : cooking_cache -> Constr.constr -> Constr.constr
val abstract_as_sort : cooking_cache -> Sorts.t -> Sorts.t
val lift_poly_univs : cooking_info -> UVars.AbstractContext.t -> cooking_info * (int * int) * UVars.AbstractContext.t

The int is how many universes got discharged, ie size of returned context - size of input context.

val lift_private_mono_univs : cooking_info -> 'a -> 'a
val lift_private_poly_univs : cooking_info -> Univ.ContextSet.t -> Univ.ContextSet.t