Module Geninterp

Interpretation functions for generic arguments and interpreted Ltac values.

Dynamic toplevel values
module Val : sig ... end
module ValTMap (Value : Dyn.ValueS) : Dyn.MapS with type 'a key = 'a Val.typ and type 'a value = 'a Value.t

Dynamic types for toplevel values. While the generic types permit to relate objects at various levels of interpretation, toplevel values are wearing their own type regardless of where they came from. This allows to use the same runtime representation for several generic types.

Retrieve the dynamic type associated to a toplevel genarg.

val register_val0 : ('raw'glb'top) Genarg.genarg_type -> 'top Val.tag option -> unit

Register the representation of a generic argument. If no tag is given as argument, a new fresh tag with the same name as the argument is associated to the generic type.

Interpretation functions
module TacStore : Store.S
type interp_sign = {
lfun : Val.t Names.Id.Map.t;
poly : bool;
extra : TacStore.t;
type ('glb, 'top) interp_fun = interp_sign -> 'glb -> 'top Ftactic.t
val interp : ('raw'glb'top) Genarg.genarg_type -> ('glbVal.t) interp_fun
val register_interp0 : ('raw'glb'top) Genarg.genarg_type -> ('glbVal.t) interp_fun -> unit