Module Implicit_quantifiers

val declare_generalizable : local:bool -> Names.lident list option -> unit

Fragile, should be used only for construction a set of identifiers to avoid

val free_vars_of_constr_expr : Constrexpr.constr_expr -> ?bound:Names.Id.Set.t -> Names.Id.t list -> Names.Id.t list

Returns the generalizable free ids in left-to-right order with the location of their first occurrence

val generalizable_vars_of_glob_constr : ?bound:Names.Id.Set.t -> ?allowed:Names.Id.Set.t -> Glob_term.glob_constr -> Names.lident list
val implicits_of_glob_constr : ?with_products:bool -> Glob_term.glob_constr -> Impargs.manual_implicits