Module Loc

Basic types
type source =
| InFile of {
dirpath : string option;
file : string;
| ToplevelInput
type t = {
fname : source;(*

filename or toplevel input

line_nb : int;(*

start line number

bol_pos : int;(*

position of the beginning of start line

line_nb_last : int;(*

end line number

bol_pos_last : int;(*

position of the beginning of end line

bp : int;(*

start position

ep : int;(*

end position

Location manipulation

This is inherited from CAMPL4/5.

val create : source -> int -> int -> int -> int -> t

Create a location from a filename, a line number, a position of the beginning of the line, a start and end position

val initial : source -> t

Create a location corresponding to the beginning of the given source

val unloc : t -> int * int

Return the start and end position of a location

val make_loc : (int * int) -> t

Make a location out of its start and end position

val merge : t -> t -> t
val merge_opt : t option -> t option -> t option

Merge locations, usually generating the largest possible span

val sub : t -> int -> int -> t

sub loc sh len is the location loc shifted with sh characters and with length len. The previous ending position of the location is lost.

val after : t -> int -> int -> t

after loc sh len is the location just after loc (starting at the end position of loc) shifted with sh characters and of length len.

val finer : t option -> t option -> bool

Answers true when the first location is more defined, or, when both defined, included in the second one

val shift_loc : int -> int -> t -> t

shift_loc loc n p shifts the beginning of location by n and the end by p; it is assumed that the shifts do not change the lines at which the location starts and ends

Located exceptions
val add_loc : -> t ->

Adding location to an exception

val get_loc : -> t option

Retrieving the optional location of an exception

val raise : ?loc:t -> exn -> 'a

raise loc e is the same as Pervasives.raise (add_loc e loc).

Objects with location information
type 'a located = t option * 'a
val tag : ?loc:t -> 'a -> 'a located

Embed a location in a type

val map : ('a -> 'b) -> 'a located -> 'b located

Modify an object carrying a location

val pr : t -> Pp.t

Print for user consumption.