Module Ltac_pretype

Maps of pattern variables

Type constr_under_binders is for representing the term resulting of a matching. Matching can return terms defined in a some context of named binders; in the context, variable names are ordered by (<) and referred to by index in the term Thanks to the canonical ordering, a matching problem like

match ... with [(fun x y => ?p,fun y x => ?p)] => [forall x y => p]

will be accepted. Thanks to the reference by index, a matching problem like

match ... with [(fun x => ?p)] => [forall x => p]

will work even if x is also the name of an existing goal variable.

Note: we do not keep types in the signature. Besides simplicity, the main reason is that it would force to close the signature over binders that occur only in the types of effective binders but not in the term itself (e.g. for a term f x with f:A -> True and x:A).

On the opposite side, by not keeping the types, we loose opportunity to propagate type informations which otherwise would not be inferable, as e.g. when matching forall x, x = 0 with pattern forall x, ?h = 0 and using the solution "x|-h:=x" in expression forall x, h = x where nothing tells how the type of x could be inferred. We also loose the ability of typing ltac variables before calling the right-hand-side of ltac matching clauses.

type constr_under_binders = Names.Id.t list * EConstr.constr

Types of substitutions with or w/o bound variables

type patvar_map = EConstr.constr Names.Id.Map.t
type extended_patvar_map = constr_under_binders Names.Id.Map.t

A globalised term together with a closure representing the value of its free variables. Intended for use when these variables are taken from the Ltac environment.

and closed_glob_constr = {
closure : closure;
term : Glob_term.glob_constr;

Ltac variable maps

type uconstr_var_map = closed_glob_constr Names.Id.Map.t
type unbound_ltac_var_map = Geninterp.Val.t Names.Id.Map.t
type ltac_var_map = {
ltac_constrs : var_map;(*

Ltac variables bound to constrs

ltac_uconstrs : uconstr_var_map;(*

Ltac variables bound to untyped constrs

ltac_idents : Names.Id.t Names.Id.Map.t;(*

Ltac variables bound to identifiers

ltac_genargs : unbound_ltac_var_map;(*

All Ltac variables (to pass on ltac subterms, and for error reporting)