Module Proof_bullet

type t =
| Dash of int
| Star of int
| Plus of int
type behavior = {
name : string;
put : Proof.t -> t -> Proof.t;
suggest : Proof.t -> Pp.t;

A behavior is the data of a put function which is called when a bullet prefixes a tactic, a suggest function suggesting the right bullet to use on a given proof, together with a name to identify the behavior.

val register_behavior : behavior -> unit

A registered behavior can then be accessed in Coq through the command Set Bullet Behavior "name".

Two modes are registered originally: * "Strict Subproofs":

  • If this bullet follows another one of its kind, defocuses then focuses (which fails if the focused subproof is not complete).
  • If it is the first bullet of its kind, then focuses a new subproof. * "None": bullets don't do anything
val put : Proof.t -> t -> Proof.t

Handles focusing/defocusing with bullets:

val suggest : Proof.t -> Pp.t