Module Proof_diffs

val opt_name : string list

Name of Diffs option

val show_diffs : unit -> bool

Returns true if the diffs option is "on" or "removed"

val show_removed : unit -> bool

Returns true if the diffs option is "removed"

val write_color_enabled : bool -> unit

controls whether color output is enabled

val color_enabled : unit -> bool

true indicates that color output is enabled

type diffOpt =
| DiffOff
| DiffOn
| DiffRemoved
val string_to_diffs : string -> diffOpt
type goal
val make_goal : Environ.env -> Evd.evar_map -> Evar.t -> goal
val diff_goal : ?short:bool -> ?og_s:goal -> goal -> Pp.t list * Pp.t

Computes the diff between the goals of two Proofs and returns the highlighted lists of hypotheses and conclusions.

If the strings used to display the goal are not lexable (this is believed unlikely), this routine will generate a Diff_Failure. This routine may also raise Diff_Failure under some "impossible" conditions.

If you want to make your call especially bulletproof, catch these exceptions, print a user-visible message, then recall this routine with the second argument ('og_s') set to None, which will skip the diff.

The 'short' flag skips computing the diffs of the hypotheses, which allows the Subgoals XML command to fetch just the conclusion of a goal. This is useful, for example, when an IDE only needs to display the number of admitted goals or preview the next unsolved goal.

val tokenize_string : string -> string list

Convert a string to a list of token strings using the lexer

val diff_concl : ?og_s:goal -> goal -> Pp.t

Computes diffs for a single conclusion

type goal_map
val make_goal_map : Proof.t -> Proof.t -> goal_map

Generates a map from np to op that maps changed goals to their prior forms. The map doesn't include entries for unchanged goals; unchanged goals will have the same goal id in both versions.

op and np must be from the same proof document and op must be for a state before np.

val map_goal : Evar.t -> goal_map -> goal option
val log_out_ch : Stdlib.out_channel Stdlib.ref
type hyp_info = {
idents : string list;
rhs_pp : Pp.t;
val diff_hyps : string list list -> hyp_info CString.Map.t -> string list list -> hyp_info CString.Map.t -> Pp.t list
val diff_proofs : diff_opt:diffOpt -> ?old:Proof.t -> Proof.t -> Pp.t
val notify_proof_diff_failure : string -> unit