Module Pvernac

type proof_mode
module Vernac_ : sig ... end
module Unsafe : sig ... end
val main_entry : proof_mode option -> Vernacexpr.vernac_control option Pcoq.Entry.t

The main entry: reads an optional vernac command

Grammar entry for tactics: proof mode(s). By default Coq's grammar has an empty entry (non-terminal) for tactics. A plugin can register its non-terminal by providing a name and a grammar entry.

For example the Ltac plugin register the "Classic" grammar entry for parsing its tactics.

val register_proof_mode : string -> Vernacexpr.vernac_expr Pcoq.Entry.t -> proof_mode
val lookup_proof_mode : string -> proof_mode option
val proof_mode_to_string : proof_mode -> string
val list_proof_modes : unit -> Vernacexpr.vernac_expr Pcoq.Entry.t CString.Map.t