Module Search

Search facilities.
type glob_search_item =
| GlobSearchSubPattern of Vernacexpr.glob_search_where * bool * Pattern.constr_pattern
| GlobSearchString of string
| GlobSearchKind of Decls.logical_kind
| GlobSearchFilter of Names.GlobRef.t -> bool
type glob_search_request =
| GlobSearchLiteral of glob_search_item
| GlobSearchDisjConj of (bool * glob_search_request) list list
type filter_function = Names.GlobRef.t -> Decls.logical_kind option -> Environ.env -> Evd.evar_map -> Constr.constr -> bool
type display_function = Names.GlobRef.t -> Decls.logical_kind option -> Environ.env -> Evd.evar_map -> Constr.constr -> unit
Generic filter functions
val blacklist_filter : filter_function

Check whether a reference is blacklisted.

Check whether a reference pertains or not to a set of modules

val search_filter : glob_search_item -> filter_function
Specialized search functions

search_xxx gl pattern modinout searches the hypothesis of the glth goal and the global environment for things matching pattern and satisfying module exclude/include clauses of modinout.

type search_constraint =
| Name_Pattern of Str.regexp(*

Whether the name satisfies a regexp (uses Ocaml Str syntax)

| Type_Pattern of Pattern.constr_pattern(*

Whether the object type satisfies a pattern

| SubType_Pattern of Pattern.constr_pattern(*

Whether some subtype of object type satisfies a pattern

| In_Module of Names.DirPath.t(*

Whether the object pertains to a module

| Include_Blacklist(*

Bypass the Search blacklist

type 'a coq_object = {
coq_object_prefix : string list;
coq_object_qualid : string list;
coq_object_object : 'a;
Generic search function

This function iterates over all hypothesis of the goal numbered glnum (if present) and all known declarations.

Search function modifiers

prioritize_search iter iterates over the values of iter (seen as a sequence of declarations), in a relevance order. This requires to perform the entire iteration of iter before starting streaming. So prioritize_search should not be used for low-latency streaming.