Module Summary

module Stage : sig ... end

This module registers the declaration of global tables, which will be kept in synchronization during the various backtracks of the system.

type 'a summary_declaration = {
stage : Stage.t;
freeze_function : unit -> 'a;
unfreeze_function : 'a -> unit;
init_function : unit -> unit;

Types of global Coq states. The 'a type should be pure and marshallable by the standard OCaml marshalling function.

For tables registered during the launch of coqtop, the init_function will be run only once, during an init_summaries done at the end of coqtop initialization. For tables registered later (for instance during a plugin dynlink), init_function is used when unfreezing an earlier frozen state that doesn't contain any value for this table.

Beware: for tables registered dynamically after the initialization of Coq, their init functions may not be run immediately. It is hence the responsibility of plugins to initialize themselves properly.

val declare_summary : string -> ?make_marshallable:('a -> 'a) -> 'a summary_declaration -> unit
module Dyn : Dyn.S

We provide safe projection from the summary to the types stored in it.

val declare_summary_tag : string -> ?make_marshallable:('a -> 'a) -> 'a summary_declaration -> 'a Dyn.tag

All-in-one reference declaration + summary registration. It behaves just as OCaml's standard ref function, except that a declare_summary is done, with name as string. The init_function restores the reference to its initial value. The stage argument defaults to Interp and should be changed to Synterp for references which are read from and written to during the syntactic interpretation.

When local:true the value is local to the process, i.e. not sent to proof workers. Consequently it doesn't need to be of a marshallable type. It is useful to implement a local cache for example.

ref_tag is never local.

val ref : ?stage:Stage.t -> ?local:bool -> name:string -> 'a -> 'a Stdlib.ref
val ref_tag : ?stage:Stage.t -> name:string -> 'a -> 'a Stdlib.ref * 'a Dyn.tag
val declare_ml_modules_summary : (string option * string) list summary_declaration -> unit

Special summary for ML modules. This summary entry is special because its unfreeze may load ML code and hence add summary entries. Thus is has to be recognizable, and handled properly.

The args correspond to Mltop.PluginSpec.t , that is to say, the optional legacy plugin name, and the findlib name for the plugin.

For global tables registered statically before the end of coqtop launch, the following empty init_function could be used.

val nop : unit -> unit
module type FrozenStage = sig ... end

The type frozen is a snapshot of the states of all the registered tables of the system.

The type frozen is a snapshot of the states of all the registered tables of the system.

module Interp : sig ... end
val dump : unit -> (int * string) list