Module Tactypes

Tactic-related types that are not totally Ltac specific and still used in lower API. It's not clear whether this is a temporary API or if this is meant to stay.

Introduction patterns

type 'constr intro_pattern_expr =
| IntroForthcoming of bool
| IntroNaming of Namegen.intro_pattern_naming_expr
| IntroAction of 'constr intro_pattern_action_expr
and 'constr intro_pattern_action_expr =
| IntroWildcard
| IntroOrAndPattern of 'constr or_and_intro_pattern_expr
| IntroInjection of 'constr intro_pattern_expr CAst.t list
| IntroApplyOn of 'constr CAst.t * 'constr intro_pattern_expr CAst.t
| IntroRewrite of bool
and 'constr or_and_intro_pattern_expr =
| IntroOrPattern of 'constr intro_pattern_expr CAst.t list list
| IntroAndPattern of 'constr intro_pattern_expr CAst.t list


type quantified_hypothesis =
| AnonHyp of int
| NamedHyp of Names.lident
type 'a explicit_bindings = (quantified_hypothesis * 'a) CAst.t list
type 'a bindings =
| ImplicitBindings of 'a list
| ExplicitBindings of 'a explicit_bindings
| NoBindings
type 'a with_bindings = 'a * 'a bindings
type 'a delayed_open = Environ.env -> Evd.evar_map -> Evd.evar_map * 'a
type delayed_open_constr = EConstr.constr delayed_open
type delayed_open_constr_with_bindings = EConstr.constr with_bindings delayed_open
type intro_patterns = delayed_open_constr intro_pattern_expr CAst.t list
type intro_pattern_naming = Namegen.intro_pattern_naming_expr CAst.t