Module Typeops

Typing functions (not yet tagged as safe)

They return unsafe judgments that are "in context" of a set of (local) universe variables (the ones that appear in the term) and associated constraints. In case of polymorphic definitions, these variables and constraints will be generalized.

When typechecking a term it may be updated to fix relevance marks. Do not discard the result.

Basic operations of the typing machine.

If j is the judgement $ c:t $ , then assumption_of_judgement env j returns the type $ c $ , checking that $ t $ is a sort.

val assumption_of_judgment : Environ.env -> Environ.unsafe_judgment -> Sorts.relevance
val type1 : Constr.types

Type of sorts.

val type_of_sort : Sorts.t -> Constr.types
val judge_of_prop : Environ.unsafe_judgment
val judge_of_set : Environ.unsafe_judgment
val type_of_relative : Environ.env -> int -> Constr.types

Type of a bound variable.

val judge_of_relative : Environ.env -> int -> Environ.unsafe_judgment
val type_of_variable : Environ.env -> Names.variable -> Constr.types

Type of variables

val judge_of_variable : Environ.env -> Names.variable -> Environ.unsafe_judgment
val type_of_constant_in : Environ.env -> Constr.pconstant -> Constr.types

type of a constant

type of an applied projection

Type of application.

Type of an abstraction.
val sort_of_product : Environ.env -> Sorts.t -> Sorts.t -> Sorts.t

Type of a product.

s Type of a let in.

Type of a cast.

Inductive types.

Type of global references.
val type_of_global_in_context : Environ.env -> Names.GlobRef.t -> Constr.types * UVars.AbstractContext.t

Returns the type of the global reference, by creating a fresh instance of polymorphic references and computing their instantiated universe context. The type should not be used without pushing it's universe context in the environmnent of usage. For non-universe-polymorphic constants, it does not matter.

val check_hyps_inclusion : Environ.env -> ?evars:CClosure.evar_handler -> Names.GlobRef.t -> Constr.named_context -> unit

Check that hyps are included in env and fails with error otherwise

Types for primitives

val type_of_int : Environ.env -> Constr.types
val type_of_float : Environ.env -> Constr.types
val judge_of_float : Environ.env -> Float64.t -> Environ.unsafe_judgment
val type_of_string : Environ.env -> Constr.types
val judge_of_string : Environ.env -> Pstring.t -> Environ.unsafe_judgment
val type_of_array : Environ.env -> UVars.Instance.t -> Constr.types
val should_invert_case : Environ.env -> Sorts.relevance -> Constr.case_info -> bool

Matches must be annotated with the indices when going from SProp to non SProp (implies 1 or 0 constructors).