Module Document

exception Empty
type 'a document
type id = Stateid.t
val create : unit -> 'a document
val tip : 'a document -> id

The last sentence.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if tip has no id.

  • raises Empty
val tip_data : 'a document -> 'a

The last sentence.

  • raises Empty
val push : 'a document -> 'a -> unit

Add a sentence on the top (with no state_id)

val pop : 'a document -> 'a

Remove the tip setence.

  • raises Empty
val set_errors : 'a document -> string list -> unit

preserve the last error(s) (tooltip fix)

val get_errors : 'a document -> string list

get the last error(s) (tooltip fix)

val assign_tip_id : 'a document -> id -> unit

Assign the state_id of the tip.

  • raises Empty
val cut_at : 'a document -> id -> 'a list

cut_at d id cuts the document at id that is the new tip. Returns the list of sentences that were cut.

  • raises Not_found
val find_id : 'a document -> (id -> 'a -> bool) -> id * bool

returns the id of the topmost sentence validating the predicate and a boolean that is true if one needs to unfocus the document to access such sentence.

  • raises Not_found
val find : 'a document -> (bool -> id option -> 'a -> bool) -> 'a

look for a sentence validating the predicate. The boolean is true if the sentence is in the zone currently focused.

  • raises Not_found
val find_map : 'a document -> (bool -> id option -> 'a -> 'b option) -> 'b
val focus : 'a document -> cond_top:(id -> 'a -> bool) -> cond_bot:(id -> 'a -> bool) -> unit

After focus s c1 c2 the top of s is the topmost element x such that c1 x is true and the bottom is the first element y following x such that c2 y is true.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if there is no such x and y or already focused

val unfocus : 'a document -> unit

Undoes a focus.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    "CStack.unfocus" if the stack is not focused

val focused : 'a document -> bool

Is the document focused

val is_empty : 'a document -> bool

No sentences at all

val before_tip : 'a document -> id * bool

returns the 1 to-last sentence, and true if we need to unfocus to reach it.

  • raises Not_found
val is_in_focus : 'a document -> id -> bool

Is the id in the focused zone?

val fold_all : 'a document -> 'c -> ('c -> bool -> id option -> 'a -> 'c) -> 'c

Folds over the whole document starting from the topmost (maybe unfocused) sentence.

val context : 'a document -> (id * 'a) list * (id * 'a) list

Returns (top,bot) such that the document is morally top @ s @ bot where s is the focused part.

  • raises Invalid_argument
val print : 'a document -> (bool -> id option -> 'a -> Pp.t) -> Pp.t

debug print

Callbacks on documents

class type 'a signals = object ... end
val connect : 'a document -> 'a signals