Library Coq.ssr.ssrsetoid

Compatibility layer for under and setoid_rewrite.
This file is intended to be required by Require Import Setoid.
In particular, we can use the under tactic with other relations than eq or iff, e.g. a RewriteRelation, by doing: Require Import ssreflect. Require Setoid.
This file's instances have priority 12 > other stdlib instances.
(Note: this file could be skipped when porting under to stdlib2.)

Require Import ssrclasses.
Require Import ssrunder.
Require Import RelationClasses.
Require Import Relation_Definitions.

Reconcile Coq.Classes.RelationClasses.Reflexive with Coq.ssr.ssrclasses.Reflexive

Instance compat_Reflexive :
  forall {A} {R : relation A},
    RelationClasses.Reflexive R ->
    ssrclasses.Reflexive R | 12.