Coq 8.2 release candidate

Coq V8.2 release candidate

Coq version 8.2 brings Haskell-style type classes, various evolutions of the arithmetic libraries, and many other various improvements and extensions regarding the module system, tactics, syntax, etc (see the detailed description and the summary of changes).

The final 8.2 version solves many bugs and inefficiencies of version 8.2 beta. The syntax of some of the new features has changed (most particularly the syntax of type classes). Support for plugins has also been added (thanks to Objective Caml 3.11 new native dynamic loading feature).

Some specific features may require a few adaptations for upgrading from Coq version 8.1 or Coq version 8.2 beta. If you encounter a migration problem not mentioned in the list of known incompatibilities, this can be considered as a bug.

The distribution
coq-8.2rc2.tar.gz 4 MB
windowsWindows coq-8.2rc2-win.exe 132 MB
Reference-Manual.pdf 2 MB

The Reference Manual is also browsable online.

To compile Coq from the sources, you need:

  • Objective Caml (3.07 ≤ version but 3.08.0).
    For Objective Caml ≥ 3.10.0, you will need to install Camlp5 (version 4.08, or ≥ 5.01 transitional, or ≥ 5.10 if with Objective Caml ≥ 3.11.0)
  • a C compiler,
  • GNU Make ≥ 3.81

To compile CoqIde, you also need the LablGTK library, and the GTK+ development environment.