Install Coq

The Coq Platform (recommended)

Coq has a rich ecosystem of external packages (libraries and plugins) that extend it and make it more powerful. The Coq Platform provides an easy way to install Coq and a consistent set of packages on Windows, macOS and many Linux distributions.

Beginners are encouraged to use one of the binary installers: we provide binary installers for Windows and macOS and a Snap package compatible with many Linux distributions.

Experienced users are advised to run the Coq Platform scripts to install from sources, as this will allow them to install additional packages with opam.

Other installation methods

Coq is available through many package managers, including most Linux distribution package managers. However, in many cases, the available version is not the latest version. More importantly, these distributions might provide only a fraction of all the external packages available for Coq, thus requiring some manual compilation and installation to add additional packages.

Advanced users who want to install Coq and extend it with external packages can rely on opam or Nix.

Coq is also available as a Docker image.

Previous and development versions of Coq

The development version of Coq and its development history can be browsed in its GitHub repository.

When you upgrade your version of Coq, be sure to read the changelog.

Most previous versions of Coq are available on GitHub or here.