Library Coq.extraction.ExtrOcamlNatInt

Extraction of nat into Ocaml's int

Require Coq.extraction.Extraction.

Require Import Arith Even Div2 EqNat Euclid.
Require Import ExtrOcamlBasic.

Disclaimer: trying to obtain efficient certified programs by extracting nat into int is definitively *not* a good idea:
  • This is just a syntactic adaptation, many things can go wrong,
such as name captures (e.g. if you have a constant named "int" in your development, or a module named "Pervasives"). See bug 2878. - Since [int] is bounded while [nat] is (theoretically) infinite, you have to make sure by yourself that your program will not manipulate numbers greater than [max_int]. Otherwise you should consider the translation of [nat] into [big_int]. - Moreover, the mere translation of [nat] into [int] does not change the complexity of functions. For instance, [mult] stays quadratic. To mitigate this, we propose here a few efficient (but uncertified) realizers for some common functions over [nat]. This file is hence provided mainly for testing / prototyping purpose. For serious use of numbers in extracted programs, you are advised to use either coq advanced representations (positive, Z, N, BigN, BigZ) or modular/axiomatic representation.
Mapping of nat into int. The last string corresponds to a nat_case, see documentation of Extract Inductive.

Extract Inductive nat => int [ "0" "Stdlib.Int.succ" ]
 "(fun fO fS n -> if n=0 then fO () else fS (n-1))".

Efficient (but uncertified) versions for usual nat functions

Extract Constant plus => "(+)".
Extract Constant pred => "fun n -> Stdlib.max 0 (n-1)".
Extract Constant minus => "fun n m -> Stdlib.max 0 (n-m)".
Extract Constant mult => "( * )".
Extract Inlined Constant max => "Stdlib.max".
Extract Inlined Constant min => "Stdlib.min".
Extract Inlined Constant Nat.eqb => "(=)".
Extract Inlined Constant EqNat.eq_nat_decide => "(=)".

Extract Inlined Constant Peano_dec.eq_nat_dec => "(=)".

Extract Constant =>
 "fun n m -> if n=m then Eq else if n<m then Lt else Gt".
Extract Inlined Constant Compare_dec.leb => "(<=)".
Extract Inlined Constant Compare_dec.le_lt_dec => "(<=)".
Extract Inlined Constant Compare_dec.lt_dec => "(<)".
Extract Constant Compare_dec.lt_eq_lt_dec =>
 "fun n m -> if n>m then None else Some (n<m)".

Extract Constant Nat.Even_or_Odd => "fun n -> n mod 2 = 0".
Extract Constant Nat.div2 => "fun n -> n/2".

Extract Inductive Euclid.diveucl => "(int * int)" [ "" ].
Extract Constant Euclid.eucl_dev => "fun n m -> (m/n, m mod n)".
Extract Constant Euclid.quotient => "fun n m -> m/n".
Extract Constant Euclid.modulo => "fun n m -> m mod n".