Module CWarnings

type status =
| Disabled
| Enabled
| AsError
type category

Categories and warnings form a DAG with a common root all and warnings as the leaves.

val all : category
type warning

Each warning belongs to some categories maybe including "default". It is possible to query the status of a warning (unlike categories). XXX we should probably have "default-error" too.

type 'a msg

A msg belongs to a warning.

val warn : 'a msg -> ?loc:Loc.t -> ?quickfix:Quickfix.t list -> 'a -> unit

Emit a message in some warning.

Creation functions

Note that names are in a combined namespace including the special name "none".

val create_category : ?from:category list -> name:string -> unit -> category

When from is not specified it defaults to [all]. Empty list from is not allowed. "default" is not allowed in from.

val create_warning : ?from:category list -> ?default:status -> name:string -> unit -> warning

from works the same as with create_category. In particular default status is specified through the default argument not by using the "default" category.

val create_hybrid : ?from:category list -> ?default:status -> name:string -> unit -> category * warning

As create_warning, but the warning can also be used as a category i.e. have sub-warnings.

val create_msg : warning -> unit -> 'a msg

A message with data 'a in the given warning.

val create_in : warning -> ('a -> Pp.t) -> ?loc:Loc.t -> ?quickfix:Quickfix.t list -> 'a -> unit

Create a msg with registered printer.

val register_printer : 'a msg -> ('a -> Pp.t) -> unit

Register the printer for a given message. If a printer is already registered it is replaced.

val create : name:string -> ?category:category -> ?default:status -> ('a -> Pp.t) -> ?loc:Loc.t -> 'a -> unit

Combined creation function. name must be a fresh name.

val create_with_quickfix : name:string -> ?category:category -> ?default:status -> ('a -> Pp.t) -> ?loc:Loc.t -> ?quickfix:Quickfix.t list -> 'a -> unit

Combined creation function. name must be a fresh name.

Misc APIs

val get_flags : unit -> string
val set_flags : string -> unit
type 'a elt =
| There of 'a
| NotThere
| OtherType
val get_category : string -> category elt

Get preexisting category by name.

val get_warning : string -> warning elt

Get preexisting warning by name.

val warning_status : warning -> status

Current status of the warning.

val get_status : name:string -> status
val normalize_flags_string : string -> string

Cleans up a user provided warnings status string, e.g. removing unknown warnings (in which case a warning is emitted) or subsumed warnings .

val with_warn : string -> ('b -> 'a) -> 'b -> 'a

with_warn "-xxx,+yyy..." f x calls f x after setting the warnings as specified in the string (keeping other previously set warnings), and restores current warnings after f() returns or raises an exception. If both f and restoring the warnings raise exceptions, the latter is raised.

val check_unknown_warnings : string -> unit

Warn with "unknown-warning" if any unknown warnings are in the string with non-disabled status.

val override_unknown_warning : bool Stdlib.ref

For command line -w, this avoids using the warning system to avoid breaking "-w -unknown-warning".

module CoreCategories : sig ... end

Categories used in coq-core. Might not be exhaustive.