Module Metasyntax

type notation_main_data
type syntax_rules
type notation_interpretation_decl

This data type packages all the necessary information to declare a notation interpretation, once the syntax is declared or recovered from a previous declaration.

val add_notation_syntax : local:bool -> infix:bool -> UserWarn.t option -> Vernacexpr.notation_declaration -> notation_interpretation_decl

Add syntax rules for a (constr) notation in the environment

val add_notation_interpretation : local:bool -> Environ.env -> notation_interpretation_decl -> unit

Declare the interpretation of a notation

Declaring scopes, delimiter keys and default scopes

val declare_scope : Vernacexpr.locality_flag -> Notation_term.scope_name -> unit
val add_delimiters : Vernacexpr.locality_flag -> Notation_term.scope_name -> string -> unit
val remove_delimiters : Vernacexpr.locality_flag -> Notation_term.scope_name -> unit

Scope opening

val open_close_scope : Vernacexpr.locality_flag -> to_open:bool -> Notation_term.scope_name -> unit

Add a notation interpretation associated to a "where" clause (already has pa/pp rules)

Interpret the modifiers of a where-notation

val set_notation_for_interpretation : Environ.env -> Constrintern.internalization_env -> notation_interpretation_decl -> unit

Set the interpretation of the where-notation for interpreting a mutual block

Add only the parsing/printing rule of a notation

val add_reserved_notation : local:bool -> infix:bool -> (Names.lstring * Vernacexpr.syntax_modifier CAst.t list) -> unit

Add a syntactic definition (as in "Notation f := ...")

Print the Camlp5 state of a grammar

val pr_grammar : string list -> Pp.t
val pr_custom_grammar : string -> Pp.t
val pr_keywords : unit -> Pp.t
val with_syntax_protection : ('a -> 'b) -> 'a -> 'b
val declare_notation_toggle : Vernacexpr.locality_flag -> on:bool -> all:bool -> Notation.notation_query_pattern -> unit
val declare_custom_entry : Vernacexpr.locality_flag -> string -> unit

Declare given string as a custom grammar entry

val check_custom_entry : string -> unit

Check that the given string is a valid custom entry that has been declared

Pretty print level information of a notation and all of its arguments