Module Redexpr

Interpretation layer of redexprs such as hnf, cbv, etc.

type red_expr_val
val out_occurrences : Locus.occurrences_expr -> Locus.occurrences
val out_with_occurrences : 'a Locus.with_occurrences_expr -> 'a Locus.with_occurrences
val eval_red_expr : Environ.env -> red_expr -> red_expr_val
val reduction_of_red_expr_val : ?occs:(Locus.occurrences * int) -> red_expr_val -> Reductionops.e_reduction_function * Constr.cast_kind

true if we should use the vm to verify the reduction

val declare_reduction : string -> Reductionops.reduction_function -> unit

Adding a custom reduction (function to be use at the ML level) NB: the effect is permanent.

val declare_red_expr : bool -> string -> red_expr -> unit

Adding a custom reduction (function to be called a vernac command). The boolean flag is the locality.

Opaque and Transparent commands.

val set_strategy : bool -> (Conv_oracle.level * Evaluable.t list) list -> unit

Sets the expansion strategy of a constant. When the boolean is true, the effect is non-synchronous (i.e. it does not survive section and module closure).

call by value normalisation function using the virtual machine

val subst_red_expr : Mod_subst.substitution -> red_expr -> red_expr

subst_red_expr sub c performs the substitution sub on all kernel names appearing in c

module Intern : sig ... end
module Interp : sig ... end