Module UVars.AbstractContext

type t

An abstract context serves to quantify over a graph of universes represented using de Bruijn indices, as in: u0, ..., u(n-1), Var i < Var j, .., Var k <= Var l |- term(Var 0 .. Var (n-1)) \-------------/ \-------------------------------/ \---------------------/ names for constraints expressed on de Bruijn judgement in abstract printing representation of the n univ vars context expected to use de Bruijn indices

Build an abstract context. Constraints may be between universe variables.

val repr : t -> UContext.t

repr ctx is (Var(0), ... Var(n-1) |= cstr where n is the length of the context and cstr the abstracted Constraints.t.

val empty : t
val is_empty : t -> bool
val is_constant : t -> bool

Empty instance, but may have constraints

val size : t -> int * int
val union : t -> t -> t

The constraints are expected to be relative to the concatenated set of universes

val instantiate : Instance.t -> t -> Univ.Constraints.t

Generate the set of instantiated Constraints.t *

val names : t -> bound_names

Return the names of the bound universe variables