Library Coq.Reals.Reals

The library REALS is divided in 6 parts :
  • Rbase: basic lemmas on R equalities and inequalities Ring and Field are instantiated on R
  • Rfunctions: some useful functions (Rabsolu, Rmin, Rmax, fact...)
  • SeqSeries: theory of sequences and series
  • Rtrigo: theory of trigonometric functions
  • Ranalysis: some topology and general results of real analysis (mean value theorem, intermediate value theorem,...)
  • Integration: Newton and Riemann' integrals
Tactics are:
  • DiscrR: for goals like ``?1<>0``
  • Sup: for goals like ``?1<?2``
  • RCompute: for equalities with constants like ``10*10==100``
  • Reg: for goals like (continuity_pt ?1 ?2) or (derivable_pt ?1 ?2)

Require Export Rbase.
Require Export Rfunctions.
Require Export SeqSeries.
Require Export Rtrigo.
Require Export Ranalysis.
Require Export Integration.
Require Import Fourier.