Library Ltac2.TransparentState

Require Import Ltac2.Init.

Abstract type representing a transparency state.
Ltac2 Type t.

empty is the empty transparency state (all constants are opaque).
Ltac2 @ external empty : t :=
  "coq-core.plugins.ltac2" "empty_transparent_state".

full is the full transparency state (all constants are transparent).
Ltac2 @ external full : t :=
  "coq-core.plugins.ltac2" "full_transparent_state".

current () gives the transparency state of the goal, which is influenced by, e.g., the Strategy command, or the with_strategy Ltac tactic.
Ltac2 @ external current : unit -> t :=
  "coq-core.plugins.ltac2" "current_transparent_state".