Library Coq.Floats.Floats

The Floats library is split in 6 theories:
  • FloatClass: define the float_class inductive
  • PrimFloat: define the floating-point values and operators as kernel primitives
  • SpecFloat: specify the floating-point operators with binary integers
  • FloatOps: define conversion functions between spec_float and float
  • FloatAxioms: state properties of the primitive operators w.r.t. spec_float
  • FloatLemmas: prove a few results involving Z.frexp and Z.ldexp
For a brief overview of the Floats library, see

Require Export FloatClass.
Require Export PrimFloat.
Require Export SpecFloat.
Require Export FloatOps.
Require Export FloatAxioms.
Require Export FloatLemmas.