Library Coq.Numbers.NatInt.NZBase

Basic lemmas about modules implementing NZDomainSig'

This file defines the functor type NZBaseProp which adds the following lemmas:
  • eq_refl, eq_sym, eq_trans
  • eq_sym_iff, neq_sym, eq_stepl
  • succ_inj, succ_inj_wd, succ_inj_wd_neg
  • central_induction and the tactic notation nzinduct
The functor type NZBaseProp is meant to be Included in a module implementing NZDomainSig'.

From Coq.Numbers.NatInt Require Import NZAxioms.

Module Type NZBaseProp (Import NZ : NZDomainSig').

This functor from Coq.Structures.Equalities gives eq_refl, eq_sym and eq_trans.
Include BackportEq NZ NZ.

Lemma eq_sym_iff : forall x y, x==y <-> y==x.

Theorem neq_sym : forall n m, n ~= m -> m ~= n.

We add entries in the stepl and stepr databases.

Theorem eq_stepl : forall x y z, x == y -> x == z -> z == y.

Declare Left Step eq_stepl.
Declare Right Step (@Equivalence_Transitive _ _ eq_equiv).

Theorem succ_inj : forall n1 n2, S n1 == S n2 -> n1 == n2.

Theorem succ_inj_wd : forall n1 n2, S n1 == S n2 <-> n1 == n2.

Theorem succ_inj_wd_neg : forall n m, S n ~= S m <-> n ~= m.

Section CentralInduction.

Variable A : t -> Prop.
Hypothesis A_wd : Proper (eq==>iff) A.

Theorem central_induction :
  forall z, A z ->
    (forall n, A n <-> A (S n)) ->
      forall n, A n.

End CentralInduction.

Tactic Notation "nzinduct" ident(n) :=
  induction_maker n ltac:(apply bi_induction).

Tactic Notation "nzinduct" ident(n) constr(u) :=
  induction_maker n ltac:(apply (fun A A_wd => central_induction A A_wd u)).

End NZBaseProp.