Library Coq.ZArith.Zpow_alt

Require Import BinInt.
Local Open Scope Z_scope.

An alternative power function for Z
This Zpower_alt is extensionally equal to Z.pow, but not convertible with it. The number of multiplications is logarithmic instead of linear, but these multiplications are bigger. Experimentally, it seems that Zpower_alt is slightly quicker than Z.pow on average, but can be quite slower on powers of 2.

Definition Zpower_alt n m :=
  match m with
    | Z0 => 1
    | Zpos p => Pos.iter_op Z.mul p n
    | Zneg p => 0

Infix "^^" := Zpower_alt (at level 30, right associativity) : Z_scope.

Lemma Piter_mul_acc : forall f,
 (forall x y:Z, (f x)*y = f (x*y)) ->
 forall p k, Pos.iter f k p = (Pos.iter f 1 p)*k.

Lemma Piter_op_square : forall p a,
 Pos.iter_op Z.mul p (a*a) = (Pos.iter_op Z.mul p a)*(Pos.iter_op Z.mul p a).

Lemma Zpower_equiv a b : a^^b = a^b.

Lemma Zpower_alt_0_r n : n^^0 = 1.

Lemma Zpower_alt_succ_r a b : 0<=b -> a^^(Z.succ b) = a * a^^b.

Lemma Zpower_alt_neg_r a b : b<0 -> a^^b = 0.

Lemma Zpower_alt_Ppow p q : (Zpos p)^^(Zpos q) = Zpos (p^q).