Library Coq.Numbers.AltBinNotations

Alternative Binary Number Notations

Faster but less safe parsers and printers of positive, N, Z.
By default, literals in types positive, N, Z are parsed and printed via the Number Notation command, by conversion from/to the representation. When working with numbers with thousands of digits and more, conversion from/to can become significantly slow. If that becomes a problem for your development, this file provides some alternative Number Notation commands that use Z as bridge type. To enable these commands, just be sure to Require this file after other files defining numeral notations.
Note: up to Coq 8.8, literals in types positive, N, Z were parsed and printed using a native ML library of arbitrary precision integers named From 8.9, the default is to parse and print using a Coq library converting sequences of digits, hence reducing the amount of ML code to trust. But this method is slower. This file then gives access to the legacy method, trading efficiency against a larger ML trust base relying on

Require Import BinNums.


Definition pos_of_z z :=
  match z with
    | Zpos p => Some p
    | _ => None

Definition pos_to_z p := Zpos p.


Definition n_of_z z :=
  match z with
    | Z0 => Some N0
    | Zpos p => Some (Npos p)
    | Zneg _ => None

Definition n_to_z n :=
  match n with
    | N0 => Z0
    | Npos p => Zpos p


Definition z_of_z (z:Z) := z.