Library Coq.Structures.DecidableTypeEx

Require Import DecidableType OrderedType OrderedTypeEx.
Set Implicit Arguments.

NB: This file is here only for compatibility with earlier version of FSets and FMap. Please use Structures/Equalities.v directly now.

Examples of Decidable Type structures.

A particular case of DecidableType where the equality is the usual one of Coq.
a UsualDecidableType is in particular an DecidableType.
an shortcut for easily building a UsualDecidableType
An OrderedType can now directly be seen as a DecidableType

Module OT_as_DT (O:OrderedType) <: DecidableType := O.

(Usual) Decidable Type for nat, positive, N, Z
From two decidable types, we can build a new DecidableType over their cartesian product.

Module PairDecidableType(D1 D2:DecidableType) <: DecidableType.

 Definition t := prod D1.t D2.t.

 Definition eq x y := D1.eq (fst x) (fst y) /\ D2.eq (snd x) (snd y).

 Lemma eq_refl : forall x : t, eq x x.

 Lemma eq_sym : forall x y : t, eq x y -> eq y x.

 Lemma eq_trans : forall x y z : t, eq x y -> eq y z -> eq x z.

 Definition eq_dec : forall x y, { eq x y }+{ ~eq x y }.

End PairDecidableType.

Similarly for pairs of UsualDecidableType

Module PairUsualDecidableType(D1 D2:UsualDecidableType) <: UsualDecidableType.
 Definition t := prod D1.t D2.t.
 Definition eq := @eq t.
 Definition eq_refl := @eq_refl t.
 Definition eq_sym := @eq_sym t.
 Definition eq_trans := @eq_trans t.
 Definition eq_dec : forall x y, { eq x y }+{ ~eq x y }.

End PairUsualDecidableType.